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Wednesday 100602


Wednesday 100602

Plyo Work

  • Box Step Offs 1 x 10
  • Vertical Jump 2 x 8
  • Full Squat Jump 2x 6
  • Split Squat Jump 2 x 8 ea
  • Lateral Jump 2 x 30 sec


Four Rds each for time:

  • 800 meter Run

Rest as needed between Rds

Aaron: 3:44, 3:56, 3:55, 3:36

Shannon: 3:29, 3:27, 3:20, 3:20

Rick great job finalizing the basic skill intro portion.  You rocked the MB clean, Sumo Dead lift high-pull, and Dead lift.  I know those legs were hurting after all the squat work yesterday, but you pushed hard and kept great form good job.

Jolene and Ms. E you two did awesome with the squat series today.  At first both of you were fighting habits that have hindered you for years, but you worked hard and slaved most of the habits (especially with your overhead squat).

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