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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

CrossFit Surge – Surge Muscle

Metcon (No Measure)

A) 1 Sets:

Bent Over YTW Raise x 6 each

Prone Banded Hip Abduction x 12-15 (

Single Arm DB Upright Row x 8

Side Lying Hip Adduction x 15 each

Wrist Banded Shoulder Press x 10

Shoulder Elevated Single Leg Glute Thrust x 8-10 each

A1) 4 Sets:

Close Grip Bench Press @ 30×1 x 9-7-5-3

*Set grip shoulder width apart. Laying on the bench extend arm straight inline with your shoulders, place hands in that position.

A2) 4 Sets:

Prone Flat Bench Row @21×1 x 6-5-5-4

B1) 3 Sets:

Single Arm DB/KB Overhead Carry x 75 ft. or 20 stationary march step each

B2) 3 Sets:

Supine Ring Face Pull or Seated Sled Drag Face Pulls x 7-10

B3) 3 Sets:

Side Plank Banded Row x 10-15 each

C) 4 Sets:

15 Goblet Squat

60 Seconds Ring Plank Hold

10 DB Curl to Overhead Press

Rest 60-90 Seconds

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