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Tuesday 130312


Tuesday 130312

“As a fundamental movement, the squat is a building block to every other movement in CrossFit. Do this well and everything else you do will fall into place. Do this poorly and everything else is going to be a little challenging for you.”

– Pat Sherwood

Warm up:

3 Sets NFT:

  • Step Up to Rebounding Tuck Jump x 5
  • Overhead Squat x 5
  • Thruster x 5


  • 3×2 Overhead Squat
  • 3×2 Front Squat
  • 3×2 High Bar Back Squat

*Goal is to increase the weight each SET.  Perform all 3 set of Overhead squat while increasing the weight every set.  Then perform 3 sets of Front Squats while increasing every set, and finally perform the last 3 sets of High Bar Back Squat while increasing weight each set.


4 Rds For Time:

  • 5 Power Clean
  • 5 Front Squat
  • 5 Push Jerk
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • Mobility

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