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Tuesday 100629


Tuesday 100629

Brandon’s Birthday WOD:

We are gonna make it a tradition on everyone’s birthday that we create a WOD just for you. The cirteria are:

  1. Your favorite exercise or type(i.e bodyweight or squat)
  2. Your least favorite
  3. What you need the most work on


So in honor of Brandon’s birthday I wrote this WOD for him. He will be joining the 5:15am class to do this one with you all!

For Time:

  • Run 800 Meters

then 21-15-9  of (95#/ 65#)

  • Hang clean
  • Pull-ups

Finish with 800 meters


  • Russ: 22:45 (75#)
  • Jake: 15:47 as Rx’d
  • Aaron: 16:13 as Rx’d
  • Shannon: 15:50 (85#)
  • Brandon: 13:20 (135#)
  • Rick 18:13 (with suspine Row)
  • Athena: 17:55 (25#/4 bands +)
  • Jay: 20:37 (665#/3 bands)
  • Dan: 20:57 (65#/4 bands +)
  • Court: 16:43 (55#) 
  • Karmen: 28:15 (11 reps with 65#, then rest with 55#, time inculdes time to change weight)
  • Susan: 21:35 as Rx’d

Thank you so much to all those who participated in today’s WOD, and thank you for all the happy birthday wishes.  All of you made this day very special and I wish I could express how luck I feel having you all in my life.   In addition, thanks to Courtney who put this WOD together, it was a great challenge and that’s what it’s all about.  Thanks again and keep up the hard work everyone the week is almost half way over.

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  1. KGriff

    Happy Birthday, Brandon!!

    What a WOD! Started the cleans at 65# and stopped after 11 in the first round to drop to 55# (took about a minute to do that which is included in my time). Did a combination of hang power cleans and power cleans. Time: 28:15

    Don’t know if Susan will have time to post but she did 65# power cleans for all rounds. Her time was 21:35.

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