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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Thursday, November 8, 2018

CrossFit Surge – CROSSFIT


Skill Work: Rope Climbs

Spend 10 Minutes working on rope climbing skill work.

-Seated foot lock n stand

-Rope knee to elbow

-Foot lock to knee to elbow

-1-2 accents

Metcon (No Measure)

5 Sets: (EMOM)

Minute 1 = 45 Seconds Row For Calories

Minute 2 = 6-12 Toe to Bar

Minute 3 = 1-3 Rope Climb/3-6 Hand over hand rope climb

Minute 4 = 45 Seconds Burpee Box Jump/Burpee Step Up

*For min 1 & 4 is to set number of reps the 1st set, goal is to at least hit that number each round


All Around

45 minutes rotate through the following exercises with form not fatigue focus

– 5x HEADstand 10s:Rest 10s

– 1-2 attempts max effort free handstand hold – can only move within a 3’x3’ box

– 3-6x in a row (depending on your skill level): Kipping pull up progression drill (Arch hollow -> lever pull -> pull down-pull in)

– Practice 5-10 of each:

Deep arching, deep breathing, straight leg TTB

Bent knee fast, shallow arch TTB

Hybrid TTB (straighten legs on way down to deeper arch but bend on way up)

– 10 low amplitude ring swings with false grip

– 2 sets 2 strict muscle ups -> 2 swinging muscle ups

* scale with 6 jumping muscle ups

– Bottom of dip swing to repeating intermittent back swing press out – press out every 3rd back swing

2-5x depending on skill level (so 2x = 6 swings with 2 press outs and 5x = 15 swings with 5 press outs)


Well rounded skill session for floor, bar and ring skill. Over the last cycle we were using foundations to build specific skill. Now we are spreading out these same foundation elements in each session so you are encountering them more regularly. The exercises are chosen based on training attributes that translate to specific crossfit skill

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