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Thursday 120308 Essentils


Thursday 120308 Essentils

Great Job everyone on the tests, and the past two months it has been awesome to see what can happen in such a short time. It doesn’t matter if your skilled, or how talented you are but if you just own the day and work hard it will get you further than you know.  Iv once heard, “nothing easy is wroth having”, you can apply that right to CF,  there are times where you want to quit or just not work so hard, but what will you have to show for that?  This past two months I have seen a lot of hard work and it has paid off for sure!! Keep up the hard work and valiant effort of not quitting.  Just to let you in on a few improvement right off the bat was Ivan’s kipping pull ups, Bills headstand, Julie’s Dead lift and you will have to wait to see what she pulled with ease, oh I can’t hold it in she PULLED 205!!!  Awesome work! Right now i am working on the prizes and putting all the stats together.  This Thursday we will announce the rock stars, which really was everyone!

Coach Forrest





stones to shoulder


push ups

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