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Thursday 110303


Thursday 110303


Back Squat (Phase I/Week 2 working off 90%)

  • 3 @ 70%
  • 3 @ 80%
  • AMRAP @ 90%

Back Ext. 3 x 15


For Time:

  • 20-1 Ladder Squat Jump 45#/30#
  • 1-20 Ladder Butterfly Sit Up

Most day’s we’re asked a lot of different questions about CrossFit and who it’s for and who it’s not for.  Especially right now with the CrossFit Games looming in the neither future.  There are a ton of video’s posted all over the web showing elite level athletes performing a CrossFit WOD.  To be honest in our opinion that truly doesn’t represent what CrossFit is about.  I know we’ve talked about this in the past, but in the video posted below co-founder of CrossFit Coach Greg Glassman discusses the “Matriarchy” in CrossFit.



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