Surge Fuel

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12 Week Transformation

Whether your goal is to be a competitive athlete, get in the best shape of your life, or to simply feel better about yourself, nutrition is going to play a vital role.  There are so many misconceptions and myths regarding nutrition that sometimes it’s hard to find what really works and what is for lack of a better term “BS.”  Restricted 30 day challenges, counting points and the countless other fad diets don’t work.  If they did, so many people wouldn’t find themselves starting a new one every year and bikini season. 

Thus the creation of Surge Fuel.  Surge Fuel revolves mainly around the concepts of counting your macronutrients.  The purpose behind this is to ensure the proper intake of fats, carbs, and proteins.  This program is individually based, and each individual will work with a nutrition coach to help guide and answer questions.  There are no two athletes a like, every person has specific needs and responses differently, which is why it’s important to have an individualized program. 

How Surge Fuel Works:

When you sign up for the program you will receive an email that includes a questionnaire for you to complete.  This questionnaire will have a variety of questions. From your current nutritional habits, to your end goals.  In addition, you will receive the Surge Fuel packet that will line out the program and help answer any question you may have before beginning the program.  Once you submit your questionnaire your coach will analyze the information you provided and will line out your program.  Your coach will be just that your coach along the way.  They are there to help you along this journey.  Nutrition can sometimes be more difficult than any other aspect of training which is why it’s critical to have someone in your corner helping you along the way.  Each week you will have a formal check in day, in which you will check in with your coach.  With the information provided during these check-ins your coach can make specific changes that will help ensure continued progress towards your goals. Your coach will be available 24/7 as well.  If you email them, they will contact you within 24 hours and help you with any issue you may be having.  In addition you will have access to the private Surge Fuel Facebook page.  Here you will find a community of likeminded people who are working towards achieving all types of goals.  The additional support and encouragement is second to none.


  • Do I have to be a member so CrossFit Surge to participate in Surge Fuel?

No.  That is the great thing about this program.  Get individualized nutritional programming from anywhere in the world. 

  • What does it Cost?

If you are a member of CrossFit Surge this program $65 per month.  For non-members of CrossFit Surge it’s $100 per month. 

  • Is there a minimum time length to commit to?

Yes, we ask that all participants commit to a minimum of 3 months.  There are so many reasons for this, but mainly being that nutritional changes and habits take time.  We can’t just snap our fingers and see the results we’ve been dreaming for, it takes time and commitment. 

  • Am I limited to the 3 month commitment?

No, we ask for the minimum of 3 months but this program can continue for as long as the athlete wishes.  Once again nutrition can be a complex journey and there isn’t a set length of time that it takes to achieve your goals.

  • What if I have never counted my macronutrients? What if I don’t know what a macronutrient is?

That’s ok.  This is why your coach is so important.  They are there to help guide and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Do I have to measure what I eat and drink?

YES.  Without knowing what we eat and how much we can never truly achieve the goals in which we want.  This would be the equivalent of being a weightlifter and never knowing what’s on the bar, how do you know what or if things need to be changed. 

  • Do I have to be Paleo?

No.  We utilize sound nutrition, but the great part of counting your macros is you can eat what you want.  The most important aspect of this is that you meet your specific macronutrient count for each day.  You can make this program be whatever you want.  Now with that said quality does make a huge difference not just with your macronutrients but especially with your micronutrients.  Your coach will be there to help guide you through this.

Surge Fuel Plan:

Get the individualized attention that you deserve.  Achieve the goals that you may have never thought possible, sign up today and see where this road can take you.