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Saturday 100619


Saturday 100619

Starting next week we will be adding an additional skills session or a “work on things you suck at class” at 8 am.  However, this week we will have our normal 9 and 10 class sessions. 


With a partner and a plate 45#/25# perform 3 Rds for time of:

  • 40 Ground to Over Head
  • 40 Squat
  • 40 Bent over Row
  • 20 Ax Chop ea side
  • 40 Push Up
  • 300 Meter Run w/Plate

* Only one person is allowed to work at a time, and you can not put down the weight.


  • Daniel & Aaron: 37:41(Daniel’s first CF workout!)
  • Athena, Jay & Dan: 38:41(Dan’s first CF workout!)
  • Jake & Cajeme: 38:25

Thanks to the two Dan’s, it was great to have you join us and we can’t wait to see you again. Thanks to Jay and Athena for brining Dan and Jake for brining Daniel! You both did awesome!

The second class of the day turned out to just be Court, Jolene and Susan, we decied since none of us had done the benchmark Filthy Fifty the day before we would tackle it today! It was awful but glad we did. Thanks to Jake, Aaron, Brandon and the kids for cheering us on, I know that helped when we all thought we were going to puke!

Results: Filthy Fifty

  • Jolene(40) 35:36
  • Susan: 36:38
  • Court: 28:18

Congrats to Jolene and Susan for both learning double unders in warm up and then doing all of them in the WOD! I love how hard you ladies push and I was honored to be working out with you both!

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