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Pilot Program, Surge Muscle!


Pilot Program, Surge Muscle!

We have always understood that every athlete has their own goals and aspirations in which they want to achieve.  Which is why we offer so many different programs.  Are you an athlete who strives to be stronger, increase your muscle mass and become leaner?  We have been working hard on a program that incorporates the best aspects of strength and conditioning to improve athletes strength and power, while increasing  lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat.  This program will be unlike anything we’ve ever done before.  

Surge Muscle:

How is this program different from our normal Surge programming?

The goal with this program won’t be to increase an athletes work capacity across broad time and modal domain like our CrossFit programming.  In this program there will be a mixture of resistance training, plyometrics, agility training, and isolation exercises.  All aspects of strength and conditioning that have been shown to increase muscle while decreasing body fat.  No matter what your goal (add muscle, or get leaner) this program will be tailored to help you reach your goals.  

This program will consist of 4 days of main work days and 2 additional core/aerobic days a week.  The program will be structured around your specific goals.  Most importantly this program will coincide with our Surge Fuel program. 

Is there a commitment for this program?

There will be a 60 DAY COMMITMENT for this program.  Why the commitment?

Results come from consistency.  We can have the worlds best program but if the hard work and consistency isn’t there the result won’t be either.   

To help with with consistency and to help make correct adjustments to the program athletes will also have weekly check ins with a coach.  Not only for Surge Fuel but to also help make any adjustments to the Surge Muscle program that may need to be made, depending on the athletes specific goals.  

Being that this is a pilot program the cost of this program will initially be the same as the Surge Fuel price of $65 a month for Surge members and $100 a month for non members.  Depending on the response we may also cap the number of athletes allowed in this first go around.  If you have any questions please let us know, and if you wish to sign up please let us know ASAP.  

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