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Nutrition Seminar- Thur, Sept 1st @ 6:15 pm


Nutrition Seminar- Thur, Sept 1st @ 6:15 pm

We will be having a nutrition seminar next Thursday September 1 from 6:15pm to about 8pm. Please note there will be NO 6:15 WOD on that night. We will be going over the basics of the Paleo and Zone Diets. If you are new to the gym and have not been to a nutrition seminar I HIGHLY recommend you make this. The WOD’s are great and you guys are working your butts off but without proper nutrition you are missing¬†your potential for results, strength gains, and fat loss! There will be a sign up sheet posted at the gym, please RSVP, we have some homework to give you to work on before next Thursday!

Any questions please let us know! The seminar is free and you are more than welcome to bring friends and/or family with you!!!

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