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Mobility – Shins and Calves


Mobility – Shins and Calves

CrossFit Surge – MOBILITY


MOB: Warm-up (No Measure)

Medial Shin Smash and Floss Mobs

1. Lacrosse Ball Shin Smash

2. Gemini Shin Smash and Spin

3. Executive Medial Shin Smash and Floss

4. Shin Stack and Smash

5. Superfriend Medial Shin Smash

Lateral and Anterior Compartment Shin Mobilization

Double-Leg Plantarflexion

Calf-Smash Mobilizations

1. Roller Smash

2. Superfriend Roller Calf Smash

3. Barbell Calf Smash

4. Bone Saw Calf Smash

5. Superfriend Calf Smash

Voodoo Calf Mobilization

Classic Calf Mobilization

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