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Friday, June 28, 2019


Friday, June 28, 2019

CrossFit Surge – CROSSFIT


Strength Intent: We’re going to be starting a new strength cycle. We’re going to go back through the Wendler 5/3/1 cycle. The first weeks are based off of 90% of your maxes you achieved last week. For example if your max was 100 lbs, take 90% of that and the weight you’re going to base your weight off of is 90 lbs. If in doubt choose a lighter weight, this will get challenging quickly no matter what. For the last set focus on sound movement. It is a max rep set but don’t go to absolute failure and create bad movement habits

*to find your estimated 1 rep max based on 3 rep max use the following calculation:

Wt. x reps performed x .0333 + wt = estimated 1 rep max

3 Sets: (Every 2:30 Minutes)

Bench Press

Set 1 = 5 Reps @ 65%

Set 2 = 5 Reps @ 75%

Set 3 = Max Reps @ 85%

Between sets perform 20 Russian twists

*Percentages are based off of 90% of your Established Max.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 12 Minutes

12/9 Hand Release Push Up

9 Pull Ups

6 Overhead Squat 115/75



A) 5 Sets:

3 Position Snatch (High Hang, Mid Hang, Low Hang) Build to heavy rep

B) 4 Sets: (Perform After WOD)

Front Squat Cluster x 4.4.4 (Rest 20 Seconds between reps, rerack bar. Start at 60-65% and build to 7-8 RPE)

Hip Banded Reset Russian KB Swings x 12-15 Reps

C) 3 Sets:

1 Minute Sorenson Hold (Top Hip Extension Hold)

45 Seconds Wall Sit

30 Second Sandbag Bear Hug Set Ups

Rest 2 Minutes

Metcon (Time)

5 Sets For Time:

6 Squat Snatch 145/100

6 Parallette Handstand Push Ups (choose depth, should be challenging but manageable)

24 Heavy rope doubles unders

Rest 1:1

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