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FRCF Masters Competition


FRCF Masters Competition

This weekend Front Range CrossFit is Hosting the FRCF’s Master’s Championships.  We have 5 athletes from the Surge Family competing this weekend.  Let’s all get together and help cheer each of them on, as they give their all this weekend.   Front Range CrossFit is located at 1338 South Valentia St #182, Denver, Colorado 80247.  Saturdays workout are:

Workout #1

As many reps in 25 minutes of:

  • 1 Ground-To-Overhead attempt, you pick the weight
  • 250 meter row

Workout #2

The Sandbag/Wall Sprint

For time:

  • 10 lunges with sandbag
  • Over the wall with the bag
  • 20 ground to top of box with the sand bag
  • Over the wall with the bag
  • 10 lunges with sandbag

Workout #3  

Jumping and Snatches

As many rounds and reps in 6 minutes of:

  • 10 stick jumps, 
  • 20 Kettlebell Snatches, total

Heat times are as follows:
Christina Mulholland 11:30 AM
Joseph Arvey 1:30 PM
William Lee 2:00 PM
Bobby Bateman 5:30 PM
Jason Adams 6:00 PM

Joseph Arvey 10:45 AM
William Lee 9:45 AM
Bobby Bateman 1:30 PM
Jason Adams 1:45 PM
Christina Mulholland 5:45 PM

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