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The Communityof CrossFit is something that can not be explained until you have acceptt it and become a part of it. For a long time I’ve wished the main site ( would post video’s of “ordinary people” not games athletes performing WODs and allow them to let their voice be heard.  In my opinion despite what some people think, CrossFit isn’t the CrossFit Games.  Yes that is an aspect of CrossFit, but that isn’t what CrossFit is truly about.  CrossFit at least to me is about improving individuals weaknesses, teaching someone to sit and stand up correctly, increases a person’s work capacity so they don’t have worry about being able to function and live on their own.  CrossFit is about finding your own personal limitations and pushing passed them, doing things in which you haven’t done in years or never thought you’d do  in your life time.  Well Pat Sherwood took it upon himself to document and interview some “ordinary people” from the CrossFit Community and allows them to share their story. Please watch the video below, this couples story may sound familiar or make you finally believe you’re not alone in this crazy world we live in.

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  1. Signer

    You’re right about that Brandon. The Games are cool,but I think that th idolization of these athletes and their abilities might be, at times,defeating in our own journey through CrossFit. Josh and I were talking about it the other day relative to the athletes in our own gym. I was a little miffed that he had beat me inthe WOD the day before, but what I tried to remember the next day, is that the competitive aspect of CrossFit is good for us, but in the end it’s not about beating another athlete’s number of rounds, or their time, it’s about your own fitness, and focusing on getting out of it what YOU need to. That’s what’s most important.

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