Success Stories

So Amie obviously found CrossFit before I did. She was hooked from the first day. Not long after she recruited Jason to go too. I had know Courtney for many years through our passion for soccer, and alot of mutual friends. As Amie said she had been training Amie for a while ad then got Amie into Crossfit. I have to be honest…at first I just didn’t get the whole CrossFit thing. I thought it was some sort of fitness cult or something. Amie and Jason were addicted to it, almost to the point where I questioned if there was heroine in the drinking water there or something. After a few months I saw how it was changing their lives. They were motivated, eating healthier, looking better, and raving about their success. At first I thought I don’t need CrossFit- I am not overweight, I was active, and I thought I was in shape. But I finally decided to try it after seeing how far Amie and Jason had come.
My first workout was Chelsea. I think I made it to the 8th minute. I was spent! At minute 8 I quit and thought it was done. What I didn’t realize is that Brandon and Courtney wanted us to keep woring for the whole 30 minutes. I was at the water dispenser when Brandon said “Come on Jeff, keep working.” My first thought was this guy is crazy, I want to puke and go home. But his motivation got me back on the pul-up bar for more (don’t think I got too much more work done the rest of the time). It was then that Brandon made me realize that we are capable of more than we think. Every part of me wanted to quit, but seeing the others fight through it, and with Brandon’s motivation I was able to keep going. I also realized that day that even though I “looked fit”, I was far from it.
When I started CF i drank a 12 pack of soda a day and smoked. I ate whatever the heck I wanted because I didn’t gain weight so why not? I soon realized that my perception f fitness was dead wrong. It is not how you look, but rather how you feel. I was “drinking the kool-aid” in no time. I had found something that was challenging and made me a healthier person every day.
Growing up I played many sports and sportsmanship was something I valued greatly. What I loved about Surge and the athletes there was the comraderie. In other sports we are often rooting against our competition deep down inside. At Surge, and in the CF community as a whole, I noticed that the people cheer and root for their opponents. I began to love not only the sense of joy I got from my own successes, but also the feeling that I got watching other people’s successes. Even if someone beat me badly in a WOD, or got done well behind me, I noticed that I enjoyed watching them succeed and accomplish things that surprised even them. I enjoyed cheering them on and loved it it when they did the same for me. I soon learned it was not always about “winning” the WOD, but rather “winning at life.” I saw that we are all winning at life by our accomplishments, big and small. Getting better every day is all we can ask of ourselves, and I loved watching myself and others get better every day.
Surge, and Brandon and Courtney especially, have changed my life and my family’s life tremendously. We are not only in better shape and eating healthier, but our attitudes and confidence in ourselves has also changed for the better! CrossFit is alot like life- it’s not always easy. Let’s face it…it’s damn hard at times. But if you have friends and family there to help you share in your triumphs, and also pick you up during the lows, you can make it through anything. We have all had our highs and lows at Surge, our successes and our failures, but at the end of it all we all survived with the support of each other and the incredible motivation and coaching of Brandon and Court.
Thanks to you all for going through this journey with Amie and I. Thank you Brandon and Court for changing our lives forever.

– Jeff Shea


I learned about Crossfit when i was doing Krav Maga in Broomfield and we did many modified Crossfit workouts, but I LOVED it and it hit on all of the areas of working out that I loved and none of the boredom I found working out at the gym. I was in a rut and 40 pounds heavier than i am today and crossfit reinvigorated me. I then moved to Arizona and worked out at Hammer Crossfit, which is when i started doing REAL crossfit workouts which I thought was as good as it was going to get, although we did not workout in groups, we showed up individually and were lucky to workout with one or two people. THEN i started at Surge thanks to Jamie:) It was at this time I learned of the community of Crossfit, not just the workouts. Not only have i progressed in the more technical lifts/endurance/attitude/humility:), but i really really enjoy working out with everyone and have made true friends. I am so excited to be part of the Surge family and watch it grow and enrich other peoples’ lives like it has mine:) Thanks Brandon and Courtney!

-Anna Mattson


I started CF because of Courtney. I spent all of my 20′s being over weight and lazy… Then 3 years ago as I was out with some girlfriends stuffing my face with a beer and a calzone my life changed for the better..I was dragged and I mean dragged to a Boot Camp Court was doing at a park the next day.. When I first met Court I had a list of things I could not do.. Running,jumping, are to name a few.. Court looked at me and smiled and said awesome. We will do what we can. After training with Court at boot camp I later hired her to train me at home. We had a great time and I lost like 20 pounds.. After that I felt comfortable enough to go to a gym to workout.. Court would ask me everyday if I lifted weights yet… I would always giggle and say NOPE. In my head I was thinking I hate lifting weights. Anyway, shortly after a few months at the Big Box gym I was introduced to CF. I love what CF has done for not just me but for my family. I get so excited when new people join because they bring so much enthusiasm in. Courtney and Brandon have changed my life in so many positive ways. Bottom line is at Surge we all share one thing in common. We all want to be better then we were the day before.. Ok enough about that..

-Amie Shea


I started with Brandon as my trainer at Mountainside a really really really long time ago I swear I was one of his guinnea pigs for being a crossfit trainee! I started because I followed Brandon into it….then I kept doing it because it makes me feel good to workout and push myself to limits I never knew I could reach! Crossfit is my hobby, my time alone and my time to focus on me for that 1 hour a day….no work, no kids, no husband, and no thoughts about anything other than ME ME ME MEEEEEE!!!

-Jess B.


I think the original reason I gave crossfit a try was just curiosity. Two friends from work were doing some crazy exercises and I wanted to try it too.

The reason I stayed in CF is so much more than the reason I started out. I started out because I wanted something different that would keep me interested. I have tried a lot of different gyms, classes, sports, and I always got bored.

I stayed with CF because of SO many reasons. The atmosphere, and community are the biggest reasons. At other gyms and classes, I always felt so self conscious, and sortof out of place because I believe the focus was not necessarily on improving fitness.
At CF I couldn’t believe how supportive and encouraging everyone was. It’s not about staring at your biceps in the mirror (which has been entertaining to watch at other gyms!), but it is about getting better and stronger, and realizing how much more you are capable of achieving, and improving your quality of life.
I have met so many kind people, and they help me every day to push myself. CF has totally changed the way I view health and fitness, and I can’t say enough about it.

The competition aspect of it is fun too, but definitely a tiny part of it. CF has helped me to not be such an insecure person, and realize that I am capable of more than I thought. It is the only thing I have done that I know I will stick with, because it is about so much more than just “working out”.
I haven’t even been doing it very long, but it really has changed my life, and I have a hard time summing up the reasons I love it in just a few paragraphs!



The reason I continued was Surge. It’s pretty commonplace and even cliche to say it, but the community aspect is HUGE! I am reminded of that everytime I step inside our box. It’s more than exercise. It’s more than camraderie. I don’t think I have the vocabulary to explain exactly what it is, but I love whatever it is.

This is a great question, and I’m eager to read all of your answers. Have a good day friends!

– David Cho


I first started cause Brandon was my trainer at mountain side and he already changed the way I worked out. I excersize for fun and we all know as evil as breathing later can be, it’s a freakin blast! I truly started because I saw Brandon as the man I once was and always wanted to be. Then I met Courtney and saw that that was the kind of woman I wanted to find. Then I met the people of the gym, it made me realize that this was where I was going to make my friends. I moved from Hawaii to create a new life and new friends, ones that don’t just sit around and smoke weed and surf. Because of crossfit I have accomplished all my goals in moving here. It’s crazy how life works out sometimes! Get it “works out” hahaha that’s a knee slapper!
– Justin German


For a long time I have been what some would call a “Gym Rat”. I would go to the globo gym at least 3-4 times a week and knock out bench press, maybe some leg work, back work, and of course some curls for girls. I hardly did cardio based working out because let’s face it, as most of you know I can’t stand running. I never saw the results I wanted, that whole Men’s Fitness look that you can get in 12 weeks or less. Ha, what a sham. I found CrossFit on accident, by catching a replay by ESPN of the 2011 games. Instantly I thought to myself, “Wow, I think I could do that.” It didn’t happen right away though, because of my job I tend to travel a lot. However, once I was sent to Denver and realized I was going to stay for a while I knew I had to find a gym. Lucky for me one of my co-workers was going to Surge.

I talked him into taking me along on a Saturday for a free test workout. To be honest, I can’t even remember what the first workout was, but I can remember that I was soaked in sweat before the stretching was done. We went on to kill ourselves in some kind of partner workout and I loved how much people cheered each other on, encouraged everyone to get every rep they could and not quit. I was hooked and told Courtney I would see her on Monday.

By the time I got home (about a 10 minute ride) I could barely walk up to my third floor apartment. The next day wasn’t any better, but it was the best pain I have ever been in. It was the first time I had truly felt like I worked out in my life. I have never stopped since and I annoy most of my friends by how much I talk about it and try to convince them to join a box near them. It has been one of the most important life altering decisions I have ever made and I am so greatful to the coaches at Surge who have never stopped encouraging and working with me through failed double unders or changing my weights during a workout (NEVER AGAIN, ha). I’m in the best shape I have been in since my feshman year of high school and today ranone of my best mile times ever at 7:12. This is all after only 4 monthes of high intensity training.

Last but not least in my rambling, I love the entire Surge family. The most important part of CrossFit is the community that is being developed. Whether it is working out together, sharing food recipes, encouraging others to try for a PR, or cheering on the team at the games or local events, there is nothing like the CrossFit community. My goal is to share that with as many people as I can. So please don’t stop saying hello to everyone who comes in, being positive as much as you can, and encouraging everyone to meet their personal goals no matter how outlandish they may be.

Thanks for everything!
Dave Voss

You taught me how to eat better, you taught me the basics of nutrition… of self-discipline where my health and fitness are concerned…
Brandon, Brandon, Brandon….
So much to say, and not sure where to begin. 🙂
First, I do hope that wherever life has taken you, you are happy! Somehow I don’t think you are capable of being unhappy, so I’m sure you are doing great!
Second, there are no words to express to you how truly, truly grateful I am. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me over the past 10 months. When I started working out with you, I was scared, unsure, not confident at all. I second-guessed myself, and sometimes even you… for a short time anyway. I quickly learned I had to trust you, or I wasn’t going to make it. Many times I wasn’t even motivated, but no matter how I was feeling, you kept working for me. Part of me is happy that I didn’t get to say goodbye to you in person, because surely I would have cried. But, I’m sitting here crying now, so I guess it’s all the same. 🙂 There were so many days I would have rather licked the nasty gym floor than done one more push-up… there were so many days I wanted to despise you but couldn’t… there were numerous days I didn’t want to try, but because of you and your belief in me, I did… there were also some good days where I was ready and on fire for my workout, but still felt “so-so” when we were finished because I knew there was still something bigger inside of me that I just was afraid or unwilling to let out at that time.
You taught me so much Brandon… you taught me how to eat better, you taught me the basics of nutrition… of self-discipline where my health and fitness are concerned. You never told me that I couldn’t do it. You never gave up on me – even after I got back from Hawaii last September and was a total pansy, whining and not wanting to work. You never put me down for being emotional. YOU NEVER, EVER, EVER GAVE UP ON ME Brandon, never. You will be an incredible parent someday. You are one of the few people in my life who actually encouraged me and told me I can do anything… anything at all. You did more for me psychologically than you could ever do physically, although I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with my physical transformation thus far. (And I will keep going, on my own.) You equipped me with the knowledge to keep going, whether or not I use the gym; (I love squats now!) you equipped me with the confidence I had been lacking in so many areas, for so, so long. You gave me the tools to change my life Brandon Mericle, and I will never, ever forget that. You absolutely helped me change my life. You gave me the tools and knowledge to have a better, healthier life – this will not only prevent me from turning into my parents, but it has made me a stronger, happier person, inside and out. I know so much more about what matters now, and what I am capable of. I truly feel empowered and much more willing and excited to take on new challenges. I even hiked the Incline down in Manitou Springs on Saturday. According to the internet, it states: “TIME: 50 minutes for Olympiads. 2-3 hours for mere mortals.” I completed it in 80 minutes, (and took about 4 or 5 breaks on the way up) so, I guess that makes me less than an Olympiad, but MORE than a mere mortal! 🙂
I cannot thank you enough Brandon (should-be-spelled MIRACLE) Mericle. Please know you have made such a positive difference in my life, and I just cannot put my gratitude into words! Be good, take care, and know that I am truly a better person, in so many ways, because of you, your commitment and your dedication to me.
Thank you!
More active at home and work, and I can keep up with my active children…
I moved to Colorado to start a new job and create a new positive life with my family.  Having worked too many sedentary jobs over the years, I decided it was time to get in better shape and stop the procrastinating I had been doing for years.

I knew that I would never go to a gym initially, so an in-home personal trainer was the perfect solution.  I found Courtney from her website, emailed her and we arranged to meet.  I was impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and personality and we began an exercise and nutrition program the next week.  I went from being someone who hated exercising to someone who understands the importance of personal fitness and actually looks forward to exercising twice a week.  I enjoy my exercise sessions and Courtney provides firm professional guidance and accountability while being witty and fun at the same time.  This has enabled me to be more active at home and work, and I can keep up with my active children.  Thank you Courtney!

Coleman, Broomfield Colorado


Transform me from a self doubting couch potato to a self proclaimed gym-aholic that can now bust out 150 push-ups!

It is a pleasure to write  letter of recommendation for Brandon Mericle. Brandon has been my trainer for almost a year. I have had a trainer for the past two years and Brandon is my fourth and by far the best trainer/coach for several reasons.

First and foremost I have been thoroughly impressed with the  professionalism that Brandon displays. He is extremely dependable and make those that he trains feel like they are his #1 priority. Whether we are working out at 6:00am or 6:00pm, Brandon has consistently stuck with our workout schedule and is always punctual. Brandon is also very professional in his style of training. Maintaining and appropriate balance of motivation, encouraging and challenging me is something Brandon does best.

Brandon is obviously passionate about health and fitness and that is directly related to his performance as a trainer/coach. It all come through in his attitude and the interest he take with both my nutrition and physical goals. I greatly appreciate the effort and creativity he puts into the workouts he designs.  They are always extremely challenging and also very innovative. Whether we are using weights, band, balls, etc Brandon keeps it interesting. This is great because it keeps me challenged and focused on my goals without it all getting too routine or mundane.

On a personal note, Brandon has helped transform me from a self doubting couch potato to a self proclaimed gym-aholic that can now bust out 150 push-ups! I am completely confident in Brando’s abilities as a trainer/coach and am truly grateful for all that he has helped me accomplish over the past year. I would be happy to offer more information if so desired. I can be reached at .


Rachel Parker


Everything you will want in a motivational trainer… nutritional advice and meal planning

Courtney brings a lot of variety and knowledge to her sessions. From nutritional advice and meal planning, to teaching proper techniques in cardio, weight and core training, Courtney is everything you will want in a motivational trainer. She will push you to meet your goals while making your workouts fun.

——–Laura N


Challenging and created to deliver results… I felt more toned, and healthier in just a couple of weeks

Courtney Rocks! She is down to earth, fun to chat with, and not at all intimidating. Trainers I’ve worked with previously (at every price range) would put me on a machine and count. I can do that myself. Courtney walked me through every minute of my workout, was encouraging, and assured me that I would achieve my personal goals. Her workouts are challenging and created to deliver results. I felt more toned, and healthier in just a couple of weeks of working out with Courtney than I had in years. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about health and fitness.———-Deb M


 Enthusiasm and motivation was awesome…

When I made the decision to find a personal trainer, the Internet seemed like the best place to find someone that would work well for me. It’s true, the internet is a great tool, but, I was a little trepidatious without the benefit of a person to person contact. Once Courtney and I set up our first appointment, all of my concerns were gone! Courtney’s smile, enthusiasm and motivation was awesome, and I did feel as though I could meet my goals. Courtney is so fun and easy to work with it has been a pleasure. Not only do I have the renewed enthusiasm to work out, I have made a new friend. ——Emilie L


 Change my lifestyle for the better…. thank you for helping me feel like I’m 30 again

Hello, My name is Pat Gonzales, I am 45 years old. I had been going to a gym for about 9 months and decided that it was not enough and that I wanted a personal trainer. I chose Brandon Mericle as my trainer. Brandon has helped change my lifestyle for the better, ten-fold.

Let me break down why I feel having a coach like Brandon is extremely important. I was one of those people that thought, “I don;t need a trainer; I can do this on my own.” After discussing it with my wife, we decided we would give it a try and Brandon came highly recommended to me. I signed up for 6 months to try it out. We have recently signed up for another year because that is how important my wife and I think it is.

Here is the breakdown on the importance of having Brandon as a coach.

1. There is a misconception about the word DIET. People don’t need to go on a diet, they need to CHANGE their diet. This was an ah-ha moment for me that helped me understand that I did not need to stop eating to lose weight, I actually had to eat more times a day.

2. Nutrition: There is so much information about nutrition and it is very confusing. Brandon breaks it down so it  is simple. All he talks about is protein, carbohydrates and fats. You need all three to make everything work efficiently. WOW what a concept, you don’t need to quit eating fats or carbs. By the way water is an automatic and plenty of it for muscle to repair quicker.

3.The importance of strength training and how mixed with cardio will give you the best balance. a big myth, as Brandon has taught me, was that fat turns into muscle or vice-versa. This is not true, you lose fat and gain muscle when doing strength training.

4. I did not think that 30 minutes would be enough, trust me, it is more than enough with Brandon. That is why is you are looking for easy, then Brandon is no the person, but it you are looking for results than Brandon is the person.

The last thing Brandon as instilled in me is that this is a journey and not a Sprint, and that he can give me all the knowledge he has but it is up to me to decided to make changes. So, thank you Brandon for helping me feel like I’m 30 again!

Pat Gonzoles


 6 weeks I lost 13 lbs… Eating balanced meals it took 85% of my RA pain away

“I quite honestly have been very lucky in my life. I’ve always been on the thinner side, and very well proportioned. Even after I had my daughter. Within 4 weeks I was back in a size 4. Yeah, well that was then. Anyway, real life hit me at the age of 45. I didn’t get what I would call fat, but for me a size 10 at 5’4 1/2” tall was not a good thing. My dear friend Courtney (gorgeous and lovely) has always been this workout queen. Almost to the point of being scary, but I always loved to listen to her talk about her workouts and eating habits. The passion she has for this very wonderful lifestyle is incredible. I can’t even call it a diet, because that isn’t what her nutrition series is. It’s about balance. It’s easy and enjoyable. Yes, it takes preparation,but it’s well worth it. I actually have fun (but I love cooking). So, here I go…… I learned so much about the human body and the way different foods and drinks are metabolized. The way vitamins and nutrients work to make us healthier. Not just lose weight (which I did) but feel so much better. In 6 weeks I lost 13 lbs, and to be honest with you, I even cheated a few times. But not cheating isn’t bad either because you DO NOT have to starve yourself to lose weight. Actually, quite the opposite. I can’t remember ever eating so much food. Again, it’s all the balance thing. I lost weight so quickly!!! But not only that. At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with arthritis. There were days that my hands and feet hurt so badly, just walking down the stairs in the morning or opening my mascara was almost too much for me. At first I didn’t really think much about it, but eventually I noticed that I was down from taking up to 12 Advil a day to maybe 4 in a week. I’m not exaggerating. By eating balanced meals it took 85% of my RA pain away. Not just the pain. My right thumb was so swollen it looked deformed. It’s still slightly bigger than my left thumb now, but not even enough to notice a difference. I don’t know if eating right is going to cure me completely, but I can tell you this. I spend less money for pain relief pills now, and less money for the antacids I had to take on a daily basis because the Advil was killing my stomach. I love the change that Courtney made in my life by loving me enough to make me listen to her…. I mean really listen. I feel great now, and my butt looks better again!!!!!

Thanks Courtney…. I love you dearly! —————-Jeanette McKnight