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Your interest in CrossFit and CrossFit Surge has been peaked, so now what do you do? It is very easy to get started or to come check us out. We want to emphasize that CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your background or fitness level. All we expect is an open mind, a positive attitude, a commitment to yourself and the program.

You may feel like you know a  lot about CrossFit or you may be looking for something new and thinking that CrossFit may be the answer. If you are interested in learning more and seeing what it is all about all you need to do is call or e-mail us and we can get you set up for your one on one intro, or if you prefer to do it with a friend that is fine too! Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, we are just like you and there is no reason to be nervous. Brandon or Courtney will answer the phone and then you will meet one if not both of us when you come in. There is no pressure and no hard sales. We want to meet you and teach you how to take the next step in your journey of health and fitness. No matter where you are in your journey, whether it is the first step or you are already on the path we want to encourage, push, challenge, and motivate you to the nest step!

The Nuts and Bolts of How CrossFit Surge works:

  • Join us for a WEEK for Free so you can see what we are all about and who we are
  • When you start you will do our Essentials program for the first month or until you are comfortable will the fundamental movements.
  • This means you can do any class any time and don’t have to wait to get started!

Intro to CrossFit:

Come in for a Saturday WOD! The first session will introduce you to the ideology and intensity of CrossFit, and will also allow us to get you know more about you, and asses your fitness level. We want to know you workout history, goals and what you are most excited about!

What are Fundamentals?

After the initial workout each member will begin our Essentials program in Essentials we which will teach you the 9 basic movements that are the groundwork for everything that is done in CrossIt. Essentials allows our athletes to learn proper form and make sure they are executing full range of motion. Here at CrossFit Surge we believe form and range of motion are the foundation for achieving optimal performance and results! Don’t worry though you will still get  a great workout in each fundamental class, with a WOD at then end using the skills you learn that day!

The 9 Fundamental movements are:

  1. Squat
  2. Front Squat
  3. Overhead Squat
  4. Press
  5. Push Press
  6. Push Jerk
  7. Deadlift
  8. SumoDeadlift High Pull
  9. Medball Clean

What are the Workouts like?

After completing fundamentals, athletes may then join the “regular” classes. A typical class will start with a dynamic warm-up, followed by the daily WOD(Workout of the Day), and some days may have additional strength or endurance specific exercises done before the WOD. Each class will have multiple students and we expect our members to know and support each other. We have a rule that you must talk to someone new everyday until you know everyone in the class!

Everyday we create a WOD, by utilizing constantly varied functional exercise either taught that day or from a previous day. The exercises, the order, the load, the volume, and the time component will change with every workout. This will allow you to maximize results and keep you from becoming conditioned to the same workout. Each workout has a competitive aspect. Although you are competing with others and against the clock, the workout is yours and yours alone and you are your best competition! There is a time component in that each workout is  either done with a time limit and a goal of reps or rounds, or as fast as possibly at your highest intensity.  There are ten physical skills that CrossFit  bases fitness on and every workout will help you improve one or more of these skills.

 CrossFit is based on 10 general physical skills which are:

  1. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Accuracy
  9. Agility
  10. Balance


Call today so set up your  Free Introduction to CrossFit. 720-335-5591