Our Mission

As athletes we have always wanted to find ways to train better, train harder, improve fitness and have fun, but most of all to challenge ourselves. CrossFit has been the answer to our needs and has become our passion and lifestyle. We know that anyone can achieve amazing results, but more importantly we are committed to creating a lifestyle, a community and a place where everyone is challenged, encouraged and supported. CrossFit Surge is not a “gym” it is instead a place of support, growth, improvement and community. Everyday here is new, exciting, and often unbelievable. When you push yourself harder than you thought you could, and you finish, you are a success everyday. By learning to be “uncomfortable” physically and then being able to mentally and physically overcome pain and the desire to quit, teaches our athletes how to be stronger and how to persevere in all aspects of life.

Everyone is welcome here, the only thing we require is a good attitude, an open mind to challenges and growth along with the desire to be part of a supportive and fun community!