We decided to write our bio’s in first person, we want everyone to feel welcome and feel like you know us, because you will when you become part of our gym and family.

Brandon Mericle

Much like Courtney I grew up playing sports and being active from a very young age. Through high school I played football, baseball and ran track. After high school I was fortunate enough to receive a football scholarship to Adams State College where I played and attended college for three years. I transferred and graduated college from Metropolitan State College of Denver, earning a bachelor of arts in Human Performance and Sport along with a minor in Nutrition. During my last semester at Metro I applied for an internship at the University of Colorado to work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with their athletes. I was the first intern from Metro and the Human Performance and Sport department to be excepted to work at CU and with their athletes. At the conclusion of my internship I was offered a position as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, which allowed me to work with 100+ top level athletes on a daily basis. Following the University of Colorado, I began working at Velocity Sports Performance as a Performance Coach. Velocity was very sport specific driven, however, it gave me new insight to working with kids along with other populations that weren’t strictly athletes. My next stop was the Colorado Athletic Club at Inverness (CAC), an upscale tennis and Athletic Club where I attained the status of Master Trainer. While at CAC I implanted Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics, agility drills and other so called non traditional training methods with my clients. In addition I started a “Kids on the Move “ program for kids 8-12 yrs old. The highlight of working at CAC was being introduced to CrossFit, up to this point I had never even heard of CrossFit. This changed my life, I fully believe that CrossFit found me. It opened my eyes to what fitness truly was. I was using a lot of the movements and training tools which CrossFit is based on, but the methodology behind CrossFit was like nothing I had ever seen or learned before. I began to use and implement the CrossFit methodology into my own training and training programs for my clients. In addition to working at CAC I was working with several AAA youth hockey times throughout Denver as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Most of the places we had to work in had little to no equipment. It was here where I began to utilize my creativity and knowledge as a Coach. I had to come up with workouts that would challenge these high level youth athletes, this is where I found my niche. After CAC I was hired by Mountainside Fitness/Core Concepts as an Assistant Director and Personal Trainer. I continued to use CrossFit as my main method of training, I continued to learn and grow as a coach. I avoided uses machines as much as possible, which allowed me to teach and coach my clients on proper movement and how to engage specific muscles to help fix whatever problems they were having. Machines took away from human movement, they were used by trainers who either lacked the creativity and knowledge to teach proper technique, or were just lazy. After a year and half of planning and a great deal of encouragement from others I decided to start 303 Performance LLC, and soon after followed CrossFit Surge. CrossFit Surge is a place for highly motivated, competitive, capable, dedicated and open minded individuals who strive to make themselves better everyday. Our members push themselves in workouts that are not just taxing physically but mentally as well. They compete in our group sessions, which is actually the true success of our program. The programs are universally scalable or modifiable which allows individuals of all fitness levels to join. I have personally witnessed classes full of people ranging from 16 years old, up to 66 years old. All the movements/exercises are functional and are engrained in you, anyone can benefit from our programming.

CrossFit Level 1 November 2009

CrossFit Rowing Sept 2012

CrossFit Gymnastics November 2013

Courtney Mericle

I grew up as a soccer player, started when I was 4 and played through my first year of college. I also ran cross county as a way to train and stay fit in high school. I was always a tomboy and athlete. I started to understand the benefit of strength training in college, and when I realized it made me a better snowmobile rider I was hooked. I started running again after college and then did my first sprint triathlon in 2004. I had no idea what I was doing, bought my bike on Monday and did the race other following Sunday…I think I rode once. Turns out I was a decent triathlete and finished 11th in the class I was in that had 400 women and was top 10% overall. I was hooked, and have done 6 sprint tri’s since then and one half Ironman. I would love to someday to the full Iromman in Kona. However in the last few years I was getting really bored with my training, and losing my excitement about my workouts, and not feeling “pushed” anymore. I have been working as a personal trainer since May 2005, so I knew what I needed to do and was fairly creative but still felt like I was missing something. I was working out in a gym where Brandon worked and had seen him doing muscle ups one day, and thought, “I would love to learn how do stuff like that.” Fast forward about 5 months, Brandon and I became friends and then started dating. I inquired about what CrossFit was, I had been to the main site before but never really “got it”. I started following the main site and he taught me what a lot of the basic movements were. I realized within the first workout, which was “Cindy” that CrossFit was exactly what had been ‘”missing” in my life and routine. We would spend our days at the gym and our nights/free time watching video’s from the main site and being as much of the CrossFit community as we could. I love the competition of CrossFit but more importantly the community and the fact that anyone, no matter what their fitness level is can benefit from it. Brandon competed in the Mountain Sectional and it was so amazing to be part of a n, and I was incredibly impressed with the athletes. Both Brandon and I had always wanted to have our own place, and we knew CrossFit was what we wanted to do….so here we are. What I want everyone to understand is that CrossFit is for everyone, PLEASE don’t be intimidated by it or think that you are not fit enough to do it. Every workout can be scaled down, and if you are a great athlete already, get ready to be pushed and excel!

CrossFit Level 1 June 2010

CrossFit Endurance July 2011